Distinguished Speaker 15 – Arahmaiani


September 19, 5:30 pm

Since the early 1990s’ Arahmaiani has been developing a research-creation process in various contexts, questioning the physical uniqueness and commodification of the art work. Her performances invite the audience to rethink sensoriality and movement through the creation of collective art maneuvers. The different approaches proposed in Arahmaiani’s workshops, classes and community projects, most of which take place in Asia and in Europe, involve the creation of structural spaces for the collectivity in the spirit of citizen-run collective projects. She is currently working on a project to address environmental issues in Tibet by creating a collaboration between communities of Tibetan monks and the Chinese government. She is also working with André Éric Létourneau on the “Génétique des frequentations” project consisting of the creation of a Reading Pen interpreting and translating the Coran. Among other examples, we will discuss her classes at Passau University (Germany, 2015), the works created with a community next to Mount Merapi in Java (2004), and with the Muslim community in the city of Bangkok (2006). This socio-political dimension of art allows for the sharing of knowledge in an evolutionary spirit.

Hexagram UQAM
Université du Québec à Montréal
141, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Salle d’expérimentation HexagramUQAM (SB-4105)
Montréal (Québec), H2X 1Y4, Canada


September 20, 5.30 pm

Arahmaiani was one of the first southeast Asian female performance artists to use video to document and extend her performance art. Her artistic work is directly linked with her activist and political engagement, and questions the relationship between the body and the point of view of the watcher, by means of inter-identification processes that combine mass-media iconography, staging the body through its archetypical representations and stereotypes. Video techniques allow the artist to explore the ubiquity of her presence through the presentation in simultaneous locations, and between images from different sources. Through her work, Arahmaiani offers a poetic reflexion on the topics of gender, functions of religion and how these elements are linked with dominant political systems. The artist will present a selection of works about migrations, formal and non-formal identification of migrants and how her art can involve the process of building informational networks to help citizens share common knowledge.

This project have been made possible with the collaboration of Grace Exhibition Space (New York) and Tyler Rollins – Fine Art (New York).


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