Hexagram participation to The Night of Theatre n°9

Hexagram Co-director André Éric Létourneau will participate to The Night of Theatre n°9 on January 28th 2017 at at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India.

The Night of Theatre n°9 / La nuit des idées is a night-long festival of contemporary performing arts and inventive thought, to take place on Saturday 28th January 2017 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. During the night-long event, artists and thinkers from Kolkata, Paris, Madrid and Montréal, together with Santhal actors, dancers and musicians will both showcase in situ performances and evolve in stimulative conversations about art and thought. The night-long program ends with a multicultural dance party. Booking is open at MACE, Alliance Française du Bengale and on line.

On 28th January, listen the broadcast live on wikiradio.ca at 5:30 pm (IST | Indian timing), 7:00 am (EST | Montréal time zone) or watch the philosophical conversations on Facebook live at facebook.com/trimukhi

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