A new article on the LASER series in Leonardo, MIT Press

November 2022, Montréal

Gisèle Trudel [Co-investigator member, UQAM] and Nina Czegledy [Collaborating Member, University of Toronto] are co-authoring a new paper to be published in the journal Leonardo, by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, Cambridge.

This article is an open-ended discussion of a selection of five events from the LASER series co-chaired by Trudel and Czegledy between 2014 and 2021. LASERs at Hexagram interweave the research-creations of its members in dialogue with local and international guests. Emerging from the audio to text transcriptions of previous documentation of these LASERs, the word “movement” becomes a novel lens of analysis for this text, according to a “diffractive” approach. Thoughts and actions afforded by this word produces a surprisingly gentle yet compelling interdisciplinary weave, to inspire future editions.

To learn more, visit the upcoming article page on the MIT website and be sure to keep an eye out!

Cette publication est également disponible en : Français (French)