Publication coordinator and co-editor

HEXAGRAM invites applications for the position of publication coordinator and co-editor

In the interest of producing a scholarly, peer-reviewed publication that will provide a comprehensive overview of current research at the intersections of artistic expression, scholarly investigation and material experimentation, and of what such research achieves with its multiple stakeholders and publics, the Network launched a call for paper abstract submissions from all areas related to the theme EMERGENCE/Y.

  • Description: Interested graduate students, members of the Hexagram Network are invited to apply to this part-time position, which is divided into two mandates:
    • 1- April 2022 until end of December 2022 (150h): Finalize the blind peer-review process and notify authors. Supervise the reception of full-manuscripts. Contribute to preparing the volume description and proposal for publishers;
    • 2- 2023 [duration to be determined]: Coordinate and supervise editorial process, with publishers and co-editors;
  • Salary: According to UQAM salary scales;
  • Deadline to submit application: March 31, 2022;
  • Candidates are required to send a letter of motivation with their most recent CV, as well as a sample of published writing to


    • Work closely with the general coordinator, Hexagram co-directors and 3 other co-editors, to plan and coordinate the editing process up to publication date;
    • Prepare work calendar leading to publication, work schedules and hold required briefings with parties involved;
    • Liaise with others : act as the contact and resource person for authors, invited editors, peer-review committee, translators, readers and publisher by ensuring all parties access manuscripts and documentation and follow the established calendar;
    • Apply blind peer-review policies and directives regarding communication and accessing documentation;
    • Coordinate and collaborate closely with selected student-authors to conduct activities towards development of writing and text editing skills;
    • Supervise translation of French manuscripts to English;
    • Coordinate the work of external consultants and supervise the completion of their mandate;
    • Maintain relevant communication and coordination tools.


    • Priority will be given to graduate students membres of Hexagram with a strong interest, and ideally experience iwith writing and/or editing academic publications.
    • Candidates must be able to fluently read and write English and be able to communicate in French (speak and write).


    • Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines;
    • Self-driven, autonomous and a strong sense of responsibility;
    • Ability to manage priorities;
    • Ability to take initiative, be creative, proactive;
    • Teamwork and collaboration;
    • Desire to work in a research environment;
    • Knowledge of Hexagram and interest in academic research-creation in media arts, design, technology and digital culture.

Banner image art: Alexandre Saunier, 2018, Ars Electronica, Linz.

Cette publication est également disponible en : Français (French)