Seeding and matching funds for collaborative research-creation activities by Hexagram co-investigators

Deadline : September 25, 11: 59pm.

Hexagram is launching once again a call for project proposals for seeding and matching funds for collaborative Research-Creation activities by Hexagram co-investigators.


The two streams, seeding and matching funds, aim to:

  • Support research-creation projects by groups of Network co-investigator members;
  • Promote new collaborations between co-investigators, specifically between members from different partner universities with diverse expertise, likely to open new research-creation avenues;
  • Support grants and other funding applications by co-investigator members, to Québec, Canadian and international research and creation programs;

* Projects must be led and proposed by Network co-investigators. Proposals cannot be led by collaborator members or student members of Hexagram.

Grant amount

A maximum of 5 000$ awarded to 3 proposals, for a total of 15 000$.

Additionally, applicants may also request via the application form:

  • In-kind resources available at Hexagram (spaces, equipment);
  • Up to 2 500$ for interregional travel within Québec towards participants’ travel for activities related to the project.

* In-kind resources and interregional travel funds will be granted to the laureate projects, contingent on availability. Contact for any questions regarding the project budget.


    This stream aims to support new research-creation collaborations between Network co-investigators. For example, to conduct pilot projects, or to support the preparation of a major grant applications led by two or more Network co-investigators. Priority will be given to projects by co-investigators affiliated to different Network partner universities who are undertaking new collaborations. Hexagram contributions must be allocated to eligible expenses.


    This stream aims to support collaborative projects for which co-investigators apply for additional funding to Québec, Canadian or international programs that require matching funds (i.e., SSHRC Connection Grants).

    Co-investigators must indicate the name of the program to which they are applying, the deadline for submission and the expected date of announcement of results. Hexagram’s total amount of contribution cannot exceed 50% of the total budget and must be allocated to expenses allowed by the Network.

    Hexagram’s contribution will remain conditional to the acceptance of the application by the specified program and will be confirmed when program results are announced.

Criteria for evaluation of both streams

  • Expected outcomes of the projects and how these are connected to Hexagram’s mission;
  • The total number of Network co-investigator members participating in the project, their roles, and their affiliation to different partner universities of the Network;
  • The total number of collaborator members and student members of the Network participating in the project as well as new collaborators (external to the Network), and their roles in the project. New collaborations between Network members and with new partners (researchers, professionals or others) will be valued;
  • The estimated impact and outreach within the research-creation community and/or related research fields, social groups and other socio-economic sectors;
  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity measures taken into consideration when planning and conducting the project (if pertinent for the nature of the project).

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