DEMO4 Ahreum Lee – Multiple selves

February 2021

Multiple Selves is an experimental sound piece that contains three songs titled “Glitch Ghosts” “Glitch is Error” and “Ghost Echoes.” These songs were generated by a text-to-speech application created by the artist and three choir members mimicking the sound of an artificially generated voice. This project can be presented as a three-channel video installation or as a live performance by the choir.

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Call for applications – The REC Podcast

The REC Podcast is expanding its team!

Are you interested in the popularization and dissemination of research-creation?

The REC research-creation podcast ( is currently looking for collaborators to expand its team. We are looking for people who can assist us with the coordination of our activities as well as take part in the research, production and animation of content, depending on their motivation. This is a great way to contribute to the Hexagram Network’s dissemination mission and getting in touch with interesting and renowned academics while developing a media and podcasting experience. Continue reading

DEMO3 Ké Medley – Compartment_Complex

February 2021

With Compartment_Complex, an interactive multi-screen video installation, Ké Medley asks: how does one subvert analog video’s obsolescence to engender new forms of mediated experience and prevent its eclipse from media history? In appropriating and subverting the aging aesthetic of CRT televisions, his primary objective is to better understand the implications of obsolescence and explore new ways of experiencing materiality.

Medley’s research places itself firmly in the field of Media Archeology. Materiality is a fundamental component of his research, where he investigates both the technical and cultural components of past media objects such as analog video. He is particularly interested in artifacts of mundane life or bygone eras, putting an emphasis “on the forgotten, the quirky, the non-obvious apparatuses, practices and inventions” (Parikka, 2013).

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Digital creation, dissemination and mediation through the new online immersive spaces.

This event is open to the public on our Youtube channel. Organized by UQAC – École NAD, Laboratoire MIMESIS and Hexagram.

The MIMESIS laboratory (École NAD-UQAC) and Hexagram present 3 lunch-meetings to bring together creators, researchers, experts and students, who will present their work and initiatives on modalities of artistic creation, dissemination, and mediation through the new virtual and immersive spaces.

Faced with the physical social distancing imposed throughout this past year, creators had to devise – often to improvise – new work processes and dissemination strategies. The (im)material conditions of production and exhibition, as well as the urgency to acquire new skills suddenly accelerated learning curves, prompted distributed collaborations, and instigated new modalities of presentation. Although digital creation is well-anchored in the landscape of Montreal’s art, cultural and creative industries, the “frame” [le cadre] of these creations is once again being probed.

During these three lunch-meetings, we will examine the new “out-of-frame” objects that emerged in the 2020-20XX context: creative works that no longer correspond to a specific genre or discipline, to a space, a type of institution or a designated audience. We will discuss digital, virtual and online interpretations of pre-existing projects, new ways for experiencing digital creations, case-studies of access and interactions enhanced by new technologies, and other forms of aesthetic experimentation.

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DEMO2 Vanessa Mardirossian : The Culture of Color: An Ecoliteracy of Textile Design

February 2021

What are the ecological implications of textile design? This question, which guides Vanessa Mardirossian’s research-creation process, allows us to reflect on a critical approach to materiality through the design of wearable biomaterials. Our second DEMO focuses on the exhibition “Culture of Color: An Ecoliteracy of Textile Design” which presents Mardirossian’s tinctorial exploration. For her, documenting the process was central. This written, visual and tactile memory work allows her to refine her thinking and her production through action. In the laboratory, experimental trial and error is part of her methodology.

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Call For Applications To Become A Hexagram Student Member

Deadline: April 30, 2021
Hexagram launches its call for applications to become a student member of the international network comprised of 45 co-investigators and over 200 collaborators and student members. The Network collaborates with several cultural and research institutions in Québec, Canada and internationally to organize and promote art and science events that aim to exchange knowledge between experts from different disciplines, and disseminate new forms of artistic creation in the public space.
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Call for Projects: Fall 2021 Programming

This call for contributions is the gateway to the DEMO component of the Hexagram Network’s programming at UQAM.
It comprises the two following streams:

  • Residency Program
  • Organization of a group activity

General Terms and Conditions

  • The support offered by Hexagram consists of equipment loans, space preparation and basic technical assistance. It does not include ongoing support from staff. Additional costs for intensive training or coaching will be charged to applicants according to the salary rates effective at UQAM personnel.
  • Needs should be assessed and planned as much as possible with the help of the technical coordinator before an application is submitted.

Deadline : April 18, 2021.
Information :
Fill out this form to submit a project.

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